After The Shoot At Little Well

1991   148 x 289 cms NFS

After The Shoot at Ulerarlkwe/Little Well depicts some of the tin houses that comprised the original dwellings and site of the Johnson outstation, abandoned after Gregory's demise. March 9th, 1991, was so hot that wrens were dropping from the branches, dead from thirst and heat exhaustion, as they queued after the dogs for water at the tank. Dominic shoulders the gun with which he'd just shot one of the two 'roos on the Todd River floodout. Daughter, Andrea's exuberance is the counter to Dominic's somnambulistic inwardness. The centralised patch of deep shade with its cluster of figures contrasts with the incredibly intense, blonde light. The breezy brushing of the dogs and earth was used to skate the eye into deep space against the implacable wall of flatly painted sky.