Anthropology: Being Themselves


1994  140 x 300 cms


 There's a popular overlook on the east side of town dubbed Snogger's Hill; right opposite the entry into Whitegate. As a nocturnal rendezvous for parties and romantic liaisons for all creeds, I situated a couple in passionate embrace on the edge of the hill, at dawn. Closer to us, the couple are disengaged, the woman echoing the pose of the dame in Tintoretto's great 1555-58 work, St George and The Dragon, the man pleading. The open door of the Commodore wagon substitutes for Tintoretto's white charger. The small, crackling fire at the car's rear alludes to the dragon. Dominic Gorey beckons someone to join Adrian Hayes and himself as they voyeurize the plight of the whitefellas and, improbably, record the event with video. The title mocks the customary position of anthropologizing the 'other'..