Dog Scraps


2011   80 x 127 cms   NFS

Having butchered the 'roo, its scraps of offal were pitched over the fence. Hitherto the mutts had gathered to sit in a polite and patient circle around the cutting table. These dogs are in a more natural habitat than their domesticated cousins, though still regarded as pets, with individual and acutely observed names, and 'skin' relationship to their owners. Unlike urban house dogs they are not subjected to reduced living spaces, sexually isolated from other dogs, the earth or the seasons. They retain their pack identity and their function as hunters, guards and cleaners of camp vermin and rubbish. And they are particularly valued as a source of warmth during the freezing winter nights. Scraps from kangaroos killed in particular country should be given to dogs from the same country. Truly, it is a sin to waste anything. Meat must be cut in a time-honoured manner and distributed along customary lines.