Dominic in the Starter's Ring

2012   83 x 198 cms   Graphite on Stonehenge

 The first three weeks of October are set aside for racing carnivals, grog-free family days on the Arrernte communities. I've only attended the Santa Teresa chapters and have been entertained on each occasion by the entire event; the crowd, the un-fussed organisation, the animals and the pride the men have in this manly pursuit. Not being a horse racing fan, I focus on the build up to each race where the jockeys guide their steeds to the starter's ring and settle them down, pay their $50 entry fee, and lead off to the starting line. Here, Dominic Gorey is wresting with a horse somewhere to the viewer's right enframed to his immediate left and right by some of the Hayes men. Malcolm, on 'Fatboy' with the slogan on his T-Shirt has an enviable winning track record at these events.