Healing At Twin Caves

2002, 88 x 140 cms

David Johnson had performed his angangkere powers several times on me. And for tooth ache, stomach cramps and colds, I've had relief from other family angangkere. Both men and women have healing powers, though I have only experienced those of several men. I've been told that when an infant's weight fluctuates, putting it on then losing it, for several years, it can be a sign of a future healer.

Each healer I've encountered ostensibly acts similarly, with a soft laying on of hands, a clicking in the mouth, and the production, in the very least, of blood in their spittle. And for more residual embedded pain, sometimes the emission of bone fragments. So when Anjou had a stomach upset, rather than making our first line of approach towards allopathic drugs, I tried to trace David. A Pitjantjatjara angangkere of high repute, however, was camping at Whitegate and interceded, offering his assistance. Anjou was initially agitated, but soon calmed and recovered her health. When I caught up with David I asked him if he'd mind re-enacting such an event, and, when I'd recorded this, transposed the figures to Twin Caves, an abandoned camp- site an hour due south of town, where the nearby healing story of the native pine tree emanates.