The Irrkerlantye Art Studio  

2010   124 x 150 cms 

The Art Studio depicts the present cast of painters, mainly from the Turner family. Matriach, Margaret Kemmare Turner stands at the door gesturing to the busy throng of artists whose main dollar business is the production of  the small decorated crosses visible on the shelves. these are made on order for the many catholic Churches nation-wide. Irrkerlantye, the brown falcon is suspended above the table. This bird, also the name of the ridge at the Whitegate camp, gives its name to the art's enterprise, as it did the school which predated the studio. Tintoretto's, 'Last Supper' (1592-94) inspired the composition. The trestle's arterial slash through the composition offers depots of brush-cleaning (by the boy, Lazarus), the basket of paint tins, the centrally placed hands exchanging a paint tube, and the overseeing bird.