The Justice Parable

2008,  85 x 157 cms

Breughel's busy  overhead views of Flemish social life are a fabulous compendium of their life and times, and the more restrained Parable of the Blind,1568, is from his late period. It is, at a pinch, the most easily recalled to popular imagination and ripe for playful analogy. It was suggested to me to make an adaption of the masterwork and transpose it to Central Australia, substituting the European landscape with the river gum and a set of the town's iconic buildings. It's a statement of itself that such buildings no longer feature in the town and where the Breughel features a salutary church spire to remind the viewer of its role to halt the faltering steps of the 'blind', I had MacDonald's on offer, outstanding among a welter of Food Chain magnets belting out against the Eastern McDonnell Range (no relation!)