Long Journey: Easter on Akeyulerre Apwerte,

100 x 270 cms, Graphite on Stonehenge.

Easter Monday,2017, friend Craig San Roque asked if I'd meet him at the base of Akeyulerre(Billygoat Hill). As we started our ascent he turned and softy spoke with customary gravity, 'Think Stations of the Cross'. We spent half an hour there, aware that the Arrernte Healing Centre taking its name from this sacred site, should in some way have a role to play in my depiction.

 I went away spinning various ideas, not least Goya's Pilgrimage to San Isidro, with its cluster of howling bewitched figures in the near left of frame accompanied by guitarist, and the looping files of bodies heading into the distant dark hills. 

I revisited Pasolini's Gospel of St Matthew, again enthralled by its stark blacks and whites, its elemental, even monumental and desolate rawness.And I couldn't touch the prospective theme without acquaintance with Caravaggio's Deposition and Doubt.

Rodney Coulthard was happy to participate as Jesus in the various stations as were the senior women at the Healing Centre, as mourners. Friend, Chris O'Loughlan stood in for the hapless Pilate.