Myra's Painting


1992, 95 x 128 cms NFS

This painting is based on some of Manet's compositional devices in , 'Gare St Lazare'. I'd been reading Harry Rand's marvellous treatise that unravels the hermeneutics of the painting: its subtext as a melody of varieties of contemplation. In the Manet, Victorine Meurand, holding a puppy and an open book, gazes at us. The little girl, holding grapes, looks with 'lost face' through the grille of the station into the steam issued by the locomotive. Specific parallel components were brought across, piece of art, smoke, the direction the people are looking. Myra was deemed the 'Queen of Whitegate' as she'd been the engine for improved conditions at camp; the laundry and shower block, the piping of Ilpeye Ilpeye's water supply across the hills separating the two camps, and her advocacy at the crucial Land Right's Hearing which recognised the Haye's entitlement to the estate on which they camp.