Reconciliation Walk (Doubt)

2004,  120 x 210 cms    NFS


Public Collection, BHP Billiton, Melbourne

Mark Tansey's Doubting Thomas, done in the 80s with its own obvious reference to Caravaggio's Thomas of 1602, provided an opportunity to make a corollary to the initial painting of the Reconciliation Walk over the Todd River bridge. The non-indigenous protesters from the initial painting have moved on across the bridge. Xavier Neal is pictured poking his finger in the rift in the bitumen, while his brother Edward stays the others. Xavier's gesture swings what is, essentially Tansey's idea, but with similar implications. Sylvia Kleinert has written "... the fissure in the road creates an insistent horizontal, effectively creating a barrier between the Aboriginal protagonists and the viewer. Perhaps, though the act of representation, the visual arts are able to realise that which has proved impossible to achieve in the wider political sphere?" (See: Publications Related to the Artist)