Robbie Haye's Breakfast Camp at Whitegate 


2001,  134 x 1998 cms   NFS


Public Collection, Araluen Cultural Precinct, Alice Springs


The Hayes's and Webbs were gathered at Robbie's that morning I'd run out to camp to tell them about Devin Neal. Devin was in a critical condition in Adelaide hospital  having had his skull damaged with a shovel during a skirmish in Port Augusta, and I was communicating the daily medical reports to relatives at Whitegate. In fact, on completion, I sent a copy of this image to the hospital to aid the staff ascertain the state of Devin's clarity as he'd been rambling in Arrernte and there was no linguistic support. When he named the people in the painting, the staff could happily report on his improvement. Anjou is being nursed by Marleen Hayes. Robbie wields his pannikin out front of  Stephanie Webb, while husband, Ronnie Webb rests against the bough shelter.