Rock Enchantment

2017   100 x 119 cms 

I hear the expression ‘Singing The Country’ and what might be an associated notion, the call to ‘Listen Deeply To Country’ inviting speculation that these are reciprocal behaviours. Is it possible with ‘right attitude’ that rocks might participate in this call and response? What fiat is necessary to induce such an attitude? Some people believe the land is saturated with spirit entities, not that I have seen nor felt them. Nor for that matter, have I felt the presence of angels. Other than those depicted in European art. Did Durer, Caravaggio or the centuries of artists commissioned by churches to fill the walls and ceilings of their most prestigious buildings with winged cherubs and angels have such encounters to have depicted them with such compelling conviction? Do angels, amongst other duties, provide the fiat to this singing, this listening, be it terrestrial or celestial?