Singing the Tyape Ntyarlke Awelye at Untewelye


1997,  82 x 185 cms  NFS


    During the last couple of years of his life, Aranye and I visited most of his significant sites and, in instances like the one alluded to here, passed on his authority pertaining to them. In this instance he is singing of the medical potency of a particular grub whose essence has been stored in cooking fat in the tobacco tin. It's a very casual affair, kids in peripheral attendance while Patrick Hayes, here at his outstation, offers his accepting hand. In the background to the left is the site of the kangaroo milk, running in a calcine bib down that eminence while Untewelye, the eagle's wing, dominates the right flank. The shadow shape of Patrick's outstretched hand links him to Untewelye's Dreaming.