The Origin of the New Poetics

2015   90 x 125 cms 

Excited by a riff on Humpty Dumpty in Paul Austerís novella, City of Glass I pictured children exchanging eggs on a patch of turf where the Arrernte story has it that those quartz pieces are the eggs of the caterpillar, ayeperenye. An egg is that which is unborn, potential life. He cites the paradox of Humpty Dumpty being an egg that speaks as a philosopher of language. We must master the words we speak to make language answer our needs, as Humpty tells Alice. All men are eggs in that we have yet to achieve our destiny, an example of the not-yet-arrived. Man is a fallen creature, as per Genesis and Humpty himself. We must put him back together as the king, his horses and men, could not do. The language is dug from the earth, and in this instance, formed by a meeting and exchange of eggs.