Through the Gap

1993, 137 x 170 cms   NFS

Devin Neal leads the Hayes boys south from town, through Heavitree Gap. Food supplies, trained or trucked and the many tourists who swell the town’s dollar business, all pass here. Its western side is the site of Ntaripe, the rotting gizzards of the vanquished dog/akngwelye, part of the dog/thylacine Dreaming that runs in and around the town and finishes at Mt Blatherskite. From there, the intruder dog that had tussled with the local dog returned south chasing emus. Although Aboriginal people walk through here today, women still avert their heads from Ntaripe, which is a place forbidden by custom for women to look at.  Aranye attributed the continuing spate of car accidents in this vicinity to the power of the site.