Weekend Warriors: Santa Teresa Breaking Their Banner.

2013   106 x 192 cms

Stephan Hayes asked me to take some photos of him decked in Santa Teresa gear on Grand Final Day. Those I took in the change rooms were poorly lit so I ventured among the fans standing either side of the banner and took some rapid-fire shots of the lads entering the fray. Stephan, with braided hair, is second from the front. I had no thought of a painting until the pics were printed and saw the potential for re-arranging the figures in a pleasing choreography. How they present bears little resemblance to actuality. In fact, the leading guy was last from the rooms and his expression likely expresses his concern that the other players were already in their field positions. Given the lamentable result of the match, perhaps that hand to mouth gesture is prescient. Breaking the banners proved Santa Teresa B side's lone moment of glory.