Reconciliation Walk (Todd River Bridge)

2003, 140 x 306 cms

This re-figuring of the reconciliation walk has the viewer gazing east over the Todd River Bridge, with Annie Myers Hill to the right.

The significant thing for me was, in this town which is the locus of Black political power, how few Arrernte camp-dwellers were present, in any capacity. The walk was largely driven by the sympathetic, non-indigenous faction. On the actual day, there were simultaneous walks across bridges throughout Australia, making a unified attempt at reparations to indigenous Australians. I found a reproduction of, The Path',1999 by Martha Mayer Erlebacher which promoted the idea of Xavier Neal and myself, stripped and mirroring conciliatory gestures. Friends associated with the aboriginal industry posed for most of the remaining figures. I consulted Raphael Sanzio's School of Athens, 1509-10, for the figure of Bill Davis who holds a placard reading in Arrernte, 'Can We Walk Together?'  At his right is his wife Annie and Simon Leadbeater. Ilan Watchover is to my left as is my partner, Lareena holds youngest daughter Anjou's hand while they gaze at me. Ronja, my eldest, is on the extreme right.