2019             Crossing The Great Divide    Fireworks Gallery  Brisbane


2019            Whiteman You Are Surrounded   NT Centre for Contemporary Art, Parap, Darwin


2014                 Where Art Meets Life. Burrinja Gallery, Upwey, Victoria.

2014                 Drawn. Fireworks Gallery, Brisbane.

2013                 Passing Through Light and Time, Araluen, Alice Springs. See 'Writing about Rod' for a review.

2012                 Mirror, Fireworks, Brisbane

2010                The Hard Light of Day, South Australian Museum

                         The Enigma of the Whiteman, Peta Appleyard Gallery, Alice Springs

                          De Ja Vu: The Hard Light of Day, Fireworks Gallery, Brisbane

2008            Intervention, Fireworks Gallery, Brisbane

2007            Even As We Speak, Uber Gallery Melbourne

2007            Windows on the Heart of the Matter, City Lending Library, Melbourne

2004           Big Country; Small Histories  ARC1 @ Span, Flinders Lane Melbourne

2000           Once Upon a Time in the Centre, Fireworks, Brisbane

1999           Whitegate Mob, Kluge-Ruhe Foundation, Charlottesville VA

1999           Outback Art, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia,

1998           Where Do You Come From Brother Boy?Araluen

1998          Where Do You Come From Brother Boy? Fireworks, Brisbane

1997           Rocks & Hard Places, Prospect Gallery, Adelaide

1996           Pushing Up River, Fireworks, Brisbane

1995           Dwelling in Arrernte Country, Araluen, Alice Springs

1995          Territorial Bodies, Tin Sheds, Sydney

1994           Rod Moss Paintings  Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne

1994           Rod Moss Paintings  Fireworks, Brisbane

1990          The Araluen Centre, Alice Springs

1987          Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide

1984          Manuka Galleries, Canberra

1983.         Profile Gallery, Melbourne

1978          Hawthorn City Art Gallery, Melbourne